Metal Plate Cutting

We have various CNC cutting machines employing different technologies catering to your needs. 


CNC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine. 

We have cutting machine using machine beds up to 6m x 2m, able to accommodate your plates. 

We can cut up to 25mm thk mild steel plate, and 15mm thk stainless steel plate.

CNC Plasma / Oxy-Flame Cutting Service

Our Plasma Cutting Machine can cut mild steel plate up to 30mm thk and stainless steel plate up to 25mm thk with tolerance up to 1mm. 

Our Oxy-Flame Cutting Machine can cut mild steel plate and hardox plate up to 200mm thk 

We are able to accommodate plate size up to 3m x 14m(L)

Upon request and stock availability, we are able to supply you with mild steel plates, should you are unable to supply us with plates to cut for you.